Payment Methods & Terms and Conditions of Advertising


Our terms

We accept advertising from reputable wedding service businesses and individuals who offer a top quality product and service. If you would like to discuss placing an advert on Wye Valley Weddings please call 01600 719019 or email us at


All advertisers are required to produce copyright free images and, if available, their business logo. If this is not possible please enquire about our photography and graphic design services. Advertising periods start at a minimum of a 12 month period. You will be notified when your advertising period expires and invited to renew if you wish.


1. How to book your advert


To request an advert with Wye Valley Weddings please send the following information with attached images to:

  • Your name

  • Business name

  • Address

  • Email address

  • Website address e.g.

  • Your logo or an image (jpg, gif or png files accepted)

  • A short paragraph describing your services/business. 50 words approx.

  • If you have chosen the Advert + Top banner or the Advertorial option then please supply images to use for the banner. Please contact us for more information about number of images and quality required.

You will receive an email confirming your request. If you prefer to be contacted by phone please include your phone number(s).


2. Advertising options and prices


Please choose which option you would like and email us with a request to feature on the website. We will confirm your request and invoice you. When your payment has been received we will prepare the graphics and text for for your approval we will send you a screen shot of the page or pages where it will appear. Once you have approved the advert it will be uploaded to the relevant page(s). Your period of advertising commences on the day it is visible on the website.


Details will be provided on your invoice.



The small print

  • Advertisements will run for one year dated from the day/month/year the advert is uploaded following customer approval.

  • The period of advertising commences from the date when the advert is placed.

  • Renewal notice: When your advert is due for renewal with one months notice you will be contacted with a renewal enquiry. You are under no obligation to renew your advert.

  • Fees must be paid in advance by bank transfer.

  • Quotes for graphic design and copy writing can be provided if required.

  • Wye Valley Weddings reserve the right to remove adverts and refund the advertiser should it become apparent that the advertiser is no longer providing the service as advertised, or is providing a service which does not meet the standards of Wye Valley Weddings. The decision of the owner of Wye Valley Weddings on this matter is final.

  • Wye Valley Weddings, nor the owner, cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies in text copy provided. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to proof read the advert and advise Wye Valley Weddings of any errors in advance of upload. Retrospective edits may incur a fee.

  • Wye Valley Weddings, nor the owner, cannot be responsible for any period of time that the website is inaccessible due to server malfunction. However, every effort will be made to ensure 24/7 online accessibility.

  • Wye Valley Weddings takes no responsibility for inaccuracies, discrepancies or failure to provide advertised services or offers. The description and content of the adverts is the responsibility of the advertiser. Any errors must be reported to Wye Valley Weddings immediately by email.

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