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Second Weddings

Second weddings

A second (or third...) wedding can be every bit as special, romantic and meaningful for you and your guests as your first wedding was. In some circumstances a second marriage can be more special ...after all you know a lot more about what to expect.


Many couples particularly enjoy planning a second wedding because they don't feel obliged to please anyone other than themselves, which is just as it should be.

Whether you are a divorced or widowed there is bound to be some residual memories of your first wedding and chances are you want to make your second wedding different for all sorts of reasons. The key thing is not to agonise about it. No one is judging you on your choice of venue, your outfit, or your catering. Your guests are there to celebrate your mutual love and your marriage, not to pass an opinion.


Where to get married?

In 1994 The laws in the United Kingdom changed, allowing other licensed venues other than registry offices to be used for civil marriage ceremonies, many of these venues have also been licensed for registrars to also perform the legalities of a Civil Partnership agreement. However the content of the ceremony remains pretty much unchanged, and this type of Marriage or Civil Partnership Service can often be lack lustre and under whelming for couples who want their ceremony to be romantic, meaningful and special.


Choosing a venue for a second wedding is much easier than many couples first imagine. There are so many fabulous venues to choose from, so you needn't think you are stuck with the local register office if you want to get married in a special place. Civil weddings can be performed in gardens, hotels, historic buildings and even on board ship. The National Trust also has some wonderful properties available to hire for weddings.


What kind of ceremony would you like?

You will no doubt have considered the type or style of ceremony that you would both like to have second time around. If you are a divorcee, the wedding vows you made the first time may not feel as appropriate to you this time. If you are widowed then they may still resonate just as much and be right for you.


Professional Celebrants

A professionally trained celebrant can conduct a wedding or civil ceremony. There are many qualified celebrants available to perform this special service to couples throughout the UK. We recommend Andy and Jackie Murphy of Cariad Celebrations who are based in south Wales but they will travel to any destination - including overseas.


Now is the chance to plan a really wonderful day for you both

You may have grown-up, teenage or young children to consider and there may be some sensitive issues to discuss. Hopefully you will be aware of that and plan accordingly. Just don't wear a meringue style wedding dress if you have teenagers... Enough said.


So what do you wear for your second marriage?

Men have it so easy and can just slip into a well cut suit or smart blazer and look fantastic - but what about the bride's outfit? If you're over 40 then perhaps a satin sheath dress is not the best choice and an elaborate white lace gown complete with veil is probably just a touch de trop. But don't rule out having a beautiful bespoke wedding dress made just for you or an off the peg wedding gown. Most wedding dress designers will have created a wedding dress for second time brides and will relish the chance to design something special and appropriate just for you. Now could be a chance to choose a designer day dress - the kind you might have longed to own and wear but never had the occasion...but now you do!


Making the day special

A second wedding doesn't mean that you have to make any compromises in style. There are so many ways to make your day perfect and you can set the tone right at the start by sending beautiful hand made wedding invitations to your guests. A professional wedding planner will be able to guide you in the right direction and will come up with some special ideas you may not have thought about. Most venue owners and wedding coordinators will be experienced at organising a second wedding and will be able to offer advice and guidance to help make your day extra special.


And finally...

The most important thing (other than getting married again of course!) is that you feel and look happy, confident and beautiful. Trust your instincts and go for a wedding ceremony and style you both will enjoy and look back on with romantic nostalgia. Remember, it's your day.



Written by Elizabeth Walsh

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See Cariad Celebrations for more information about creating your own wedding or civil ceremony

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