Books and recommended reading for brides and grooms

A Modern Girl's guide to getting hitched by Sarah Ivens
Books and advice for grooms - how to propose to your bride to be
The DIY Wedding Manual - a guide for brides by Lisa Sodeau
The Wedding Bible

Wedding books

The Step-By-Step Guide to Planning Your Wedding

The Step-By-Step Guide to Planning Your Wedding

by Lynda Wright


The definitive wedding checklist

This book is perfect for list makers, busy brides-to-be and also serves as a great step by step wedding checklist for the bride and groom.


Why we like it::

Easy reference and clear and concise layout.


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Wedding Etiquette by Pat Derraugh

Wedding Etiquette

by Pat Derraugh


This book helps brides and grooms to plan and organise a wedding ensuring that everything goes perfectly.

It's not just who sits where and with whom, but all the big (and little) things that need to be done properly. The announcement, invitations, presents, clothes, photographs, video, responsibilities, the ceremony and the reception. This is the little book everyone should have to make sure the family doesn't mess things up!


Why we like it:

This is a must have book for brides and grooms who want to observe the traditional wedding etiquette.


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The DIY Wedding Manual  How to Create Your Perfect Day without a Celebrity Budget

The DIY Wedding Manual

by Lisa Sodeau


How to Create Your Perfect Day without a Celebrity Budget

This terrific book offers money saving tips and great advice for brides and would-be wedding planners. The DIY Wedding Manual covers all you need for planning your wedding.


Why we like it::

How to ask the right questions to potential wedding venues and photographers.


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A Modern Girl's Guide To Getting Hitched: How to plan, survive and enjoy your wedding

A Modern Girl's Guide To Getting Hitched:

by Sarah Ivens


How to plan, survive and enjoy your wedding!

This book is essential reading for any bride who is beginning to wonder if the whole wedding planning whirlwind is worth it... Sarah Ivens takes a light hearted and amusing look at the seriousness of wedding magazines as well as the (often unsolicited) advice from the bride's mother and other relatives.


Why we like it::

Many of the ideas are original and fun.


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The Wedding Bible by Sarah Haywood

Wedding Bible

by Sarah Haywood


An ideal engagement gift

This book would make a wonderful engagement gift for the bride and groom as they start to plan their wedding day. It covers everything and is beautifully presented with lovely photographs.


Why we like it::

Do not pick a best man until you've read this book!


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Grooms's instruction manual

Groom's Instruction Manual:

by Shandon Fowler


How to Survive and Maybe Even Enjoy the Most Bewildering Ceremony Known to Man


Written specifically for grooms, best man, father of the bride, and has lots of funny stories, analogies and jokes. In essence it's a serious guide delivered in a light hearted manner and ideally should be read before the proposal.


Our favourite quote:

'No man should have any participation in picking the flowers for his wedding'


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